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Customer journey mapping

Getting alignment on customer engagement

One of the biggest priorities of marketers today is to manage the customer’s journey and customer experience. There is not a better way of understanding the customer's journey than to start a customer journey mapping initiative.

We have a unique approach to help companies undergo customer journey initiatives for B2B organizations. The benefits of starting a customer journey mapping initiative are numerous and profound. 

A customer journey initiative seeks to answer these questions:

  • What are the customers’ steps that they take with you? What channels do they use?

  • Are there gaps in your team’s perception and your customer’s reality?

  • Is your customer messaging consistent?

  • Is it difficult for customers to engage with you?

  • Are you missing cross-selling and upselling opportunities because of silos?

  • How can you use technology to improve productivity in sales, marketing, and customer service?

  • Where are the "moments of truth" in the entire customer relationship?

The great thing about a customer journey mapping session is that that can start at a high level and zoom in to any level of detail. It provides all levels of management with an abundance of clarity.

Our approach to customer’s journey is unique. We come from both the sales and digital marketing world, and we see, firsthand the changes in customer behavior. We understand both digital channels and human touchpoints. We are a perfect fit to get your teams to focus on the customer.
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Types of Buyer's journey mapping initiatives

Our methodology focuses on cultural change

Frame the Topic

In order to ensure buy-in from all stakeholders, we need a common ground of facts about customers. We utilize qualitative and quantitative research techniques to answer who, what, why, and how do your customers buy.

Buyer Personas

We go in-depth on at least two different buyer personas. Our goal will be to map what the personas are seeing, hearing, saying, and feeling at each stage of the journey.

Test and Share

Using design methods, we piece together the customer journey. We use highly interactive methods in a way that every participant feels ownership (and pride) of the design.

Results and actions

Based on the findings in the workshop, we now have a clear vision of gaps to fill, technologies needed, actions to be taken, and have made a cultural improvement step.