Customer Journey

Understanding your customer journey is the basis of digital and human interaction improvement.


Fact Base

Collecting primary and secondary customer information, as well as understanding your current processes. Agreement on a common set of facts is vital.


Journey Mapping

Using the Fact Base as a beginning, mapping the entire customer experience and customer personas. In the end, all divergent parties have the same view.



Based on the Customer Journey, improve processes, automations, technologies and skills. What do you need to measure, and how do you know if successful?

The Customer Journey becomes an anchor

The entire organization begins to see the customer outside of their own area of responsibility.

Is marketing more than awareness? Is digital more than lead generation? Where does sales fit in? These are typical questions that happen when participants engage in a Customer Journey workshop. What we have noticed through the customer journey workshops is that they almost always go beyond the normal intention. A type of understanding takes place between departments. Suddenly, roles become better understood. Understanding buying roles of the customer becomes more understood. People can work together for a common objective.

"We learned that there is not just one decision maker. There are different people making decisions for different reasons."

The customer journey is a deep dive into the customer and how the customer makes decisions. Once identified, you can plan your organization, understand the skills that you need, understand the channels of communication to the market, and fill technology gaps to make your organization more effective.