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Chief Marketing Officer Success

Helping Chief Marketing Officers succeed


Understanding the role and empowerment of the CMO is vital for success.


CMOs cannot isolate themselves. There needs to be synergy with other functions, while focusing on the customer.


Assessing and developing your talent to fill gaps and increase productivity and performance


Having the right technology in place to optimize Customer Experience and support the buyer's journey.

The CMO position is the first to transition

The digital transition is being driven by customers and competitors.

Many companies look to a CMO to give them a competitive advantage.

However, the CMO position is the most unstable position in companies' leadership teams. The position is a challenge, but can be the linchpin for any company.

Our approach to the topic of the CMO is to answer common questions:

  • Do you need a CMO? Do you combine sales and marketing?

  • How do you define the roles and responsibilities of the CMO?

  • What empowerment is needed and why?

  • What does the CMO team structure look like?

  • How do you mitigate internal conflicts with the CIO and Sales?

  • How do you drive synergy with sales and marketing?

  • How do you manage digital marketing talent?

  • What technology is needed and how do you support it?

  • What measurements are needed?

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