Customer Journey


Customer Journey is a design thinking method of discovering customer behavior throughout the customer relationship. It determines the behavior (who, what, where, when, and why) of your customer over time.

If the customer is the common denominator between marketing, sales, and service, shouldn't you be able to get aligned?

Like B2C, B2B customers have rapidly changed in recent years. Technology has changed the way that customers find, assess, buy, use, and dispose products or services.

Sellers often have a difficult time dealing with the changes. Technology is not the reason why sellers have difficulty. The difficulty comes from the empowerment that buyers have by using technology to make decisions, interact, and use products and services. Sellers can no longer ignore their customer behavior and what is behind the behavior.

Digital interaction is not just about lead generation. The customer will interact digitally through every stage of your relationship.

Understanding the human and digital interactions and needs of your customer, no matter the function of the persona behind it, is vital for your long-term success.

Our Customer Journey method clarifies your customer in a way that changes how you think about your customer.

Design your customer journey online or on-premise

Our process for a Customer Journey Workshop

Our engagement process is designed to deliver maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

It is critical to define the outcome desired. If your goal involves go-to-market actions, organizational design, or more complex changes, more quantitative and qualitative research is required. If the goal is cultural or team focused, the research needed will reflect identifying personas through secondary research and gaining insights that you already have.

Model selection is selecting the frameworks that we will use in structuring the customer journey. Here we use a combination of our models and other models. The focus of the models includes classifying personas, personality typing, customer decision roles, and customer business models. To explain the journey, we use findings in behavioral economics.

The workshop can take place online (through Miro) or on premise. There are advantages to both. Although nothing can replace an on-premise workshop, our net promoter scores are similar (from 75 to 80, which is excellent).

Findings and changes are collected and categorized. We bring these changes down to the following questions: What do you change? What do you stop doing? What do you start doing? How do you see that it is working? What tools are you missing?

Our deliverables to you can take the form of a playbook, technology recommendations, organizational design recommendations, or a further development of go-to-market plans.

Customer Journey workshops are highly valuable for everything from team building, silo reductions, cultural change, to organizational change and pivots.

We have successfully implemented customer journey projects to achieve the following:

Development of a seamless human|digital customer interaction plan
Creating a skill curriculum that enables success
Create a unified viewpoint of what is important - Enable collaboration and reduce silos
Go-to-market planning
Development of strategies and tactics to gain and retain new customers

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