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Your customers see sales and marketing as "customering"

Once upon a time, sales, marketing, and service were related, but unconnected departments dealing with customers.

But then, customers became digital.

It became increasingly difficult to understand what was marketing and what was sales. And customer service became a part of the customer’s buying journey.

Some companies adapted. Some didn’t.

This was the case until Swanson helped companies adopt “Customering”.

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We provide workshops using design principles to gain deep insight about engaging with your customers, from your customer lens. The ideation enables you to optimize customer engagement with your digital marketing, customer service, and sales teams.

Sales and Marketing alignment

Digital customer engagement has blurred lines in sales and marketing. We come from both sides. We have gained expertise in turning salespeople and marketers into "smarketers" and "customer-ers".

A digital marketer is not just a digital marketer. Most digital marketers have multiple skills but have a tendency to gravitate to one skill set. T-Shaped skills develop. How do you manage this and how can you help your team to develop further?

Digital skills


Understanding the change in your customer's journey with you

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