Innovation comes from inspiration. Inspiration comes from experience.

We develop innovations to help you grow.

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Swanson in a nutshell.

In the 1990s, Greg Swanson sold digital imaging products to NATO and the US DoD for Kodak. During that time, he saw that customers will determine the future of a company. Although Kodak made the right products, they got tangled up in constraints to them making necessary changes. Kodak was product-centric, not customer-centric. It goes much further than the products it sells, it involves all parts of a company. Customer-focused. Customer-centricity.

To Greg, Kodak could have survived had it reacted to what customers were doing. There is a big lesson to be learned. In times of dramatic changes in technology, companies must keep a close eye on their customers. And they must chose their target customers wisely and with a long term vision.

Our approach starts with understanding the client's customers. We aim to correct the flaws we've observed in conventional consulting: theoretical solutions, delayed results, and high costs. Our focus is on execution, adopting an Agile approach that involves constant testing and correction. We see ourselves as an objective part of the client's team, not outsiders.

We're committed to enhancing our clients' teams, capabilities, and objectivity, going above and beyond, learning and sharing, and maintaining trust, respect, and confidentiality.

Our approach involves understanding the client's customers, working backward to solve problems, and quickly addressing any immediate, solvable issues.

INDUSTRIESLife Science, Chem, IT (HW/SW/ENT/SaaS)
EXPERIENCESales, GAM, Sales Management, Business Unit Manager, Marketing Management, Business Improvement, Consultant
FUNCTIONALSales, Digital Marketing, Process Improvement, Management, Leadership, Innovation
PROJECTSGTM, company launch, multiple ERP, Product Dev., CRM, Innovation, Digital Transformation, marketing automation, e-commerce, sales, account planning, web strategy
COMPANIESHarris, TDX, Kodak, Xerox, Dell, Sigma-Aldrich, Merck

We are on a mission to help you grow.

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Combining sales, marketing, and technology with expertise in how B2B customers work.

Since our founding in 2017, we have used our customer-centric method to structure and resolve a broad range of business issues, going well beyond revenue improvement.

Our methods are innovative. Our approach is pragmatic.

We focus on the customer first, then work backwards.

Combining customer mapping with agile methodology ensures quick and effective results.

We apply our customer framework to design our projects. This enables us to address any problem scale; from small to large. If we can implement, we do not wait until the end of the engagement to start.

A project can take the form of a specific topic, like, increase sales to current customers.

A project can take the form of a larger topic, like align sales and marketing for lead generation and opportunity management.

A project can take the form of a strategic initiative, like digital transformation, technology rollout, and customer focused culture.

By implementing early, we can test results and make adjustments before the end of the engagement.

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