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The Journey

Although I now live in St. Gallen, Switzerland, I started my career in Dallas, Texas. I spent the first years in sales in the telecom and computer networking industries. After moving to Europe, I became a highly awarded account manager for Kodak. At Kodak, I worked in Office/Business imaging and sold digital photography to early transitioners. Then I moved into sales management with Xerox (manufacturing industry) and Dell (Global Accounts) in Germany. I worked with governments, the defense sector (NATO), and many of the largest companies in Europe.

While at Dell, I gained an interest in digital customer engagement, learning from Dell's vaunted e-business platform and supply chain. The acquired knowledge in digital sales and marketing brought me into consulting and then to Sigma-Aldrich in the Life Science industry. At Sigma-Aldrich, I lead dozens of digital and development projects that were aimed to change the culture to be more focused on the customer. For example, I led the adoption of the company's first worldwide CRM, and also was an early adopter to drive marketing automation.


The journey made me passionate about large change projects with technology transitions, organizational design, and people development as the center point. My sales, marketing, technology, and change backgrounds lead me to help merge Sigma-Aldrich's sales/marketing teams with Merck when Merck acquired S-A for $17B in 2015.

I saw that a lot of companies struggle with issues that I am good at resolving. How do you digitize customer engagement? What is the role of sales? How do you attract, acquire, develop, and retain customers in the new digital economy? What skills do you need? What technologies will be developed next?


That is why I am passionate about helping companies make changes to adopt the latest tools to boost performance. But I know better than most that transformation is as much cultural as it is technological. Digital transformation is about your heart, mind, finger-tips, and a lot of agility and collaboration.

The combination of global exposure with sales, marketing, technology, organizational, and cultural change makes me a valuable partner for companies seeking growth in the digital economy.

I would love to talk to you on how I can help your business.

Greg Swanson

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Greg Swanson has three decades of international experience in driving change in sales and management in the IT and Life Science industries.

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