How do you adapt to a multi-channel and ever evolving customer relationship?

Most companies have realized that the customer landscape has changed. They do their best to keep up with those changes. However, keeping up with new methods, processes, and technologies is exceedingly difficult when the customer landscape continually evolves.

Companies are at varying stages in keeping up with the customer digital evolution. Even the advanced companies run in to siloed solutions, conflicting methodologies and objectives, disconnected customer processes, and different levels of interest in the "customer" topic.

Our approach is to help you start with a holistic viewpoint of your customer. It goes beyond customer orientation, customer experience, sales methodology, or marketing technology. We help you design a framework of looking at your customer holistically. What is behind what the customer is doing? What is the customer’s real process of decision-making? How are customers engaging with you with various channels? How should you engage with them?

Answering questions about your customer is the basis of implementing branding, technology, methodologies, skill development, and business processes. The customer should be the common denominator to help you reduce silos, increase collaboration, and improve your processes. We have been there dozens of times. We can help.

We help you innovate your customer relationships

Changes in the customer landscape has been underway for years. Customers are increasingly more digitally focused. Digital empowers the customer to decide when to look for information, define what information they need, and how they digest the information.

Our mission is to help clients innovate their customer engagement in B-to-B through four steps.

Visualize the customer perspective
All parties understand and empathize with the customer and use the same terminology to describe the customer landscape. Drive knowledge about the customer with facts, not opinions.
Identify valuable interactions
Discover where you can add value to the customer persona’s task or problem through your digital and human interaction.
Overlay technology and processes
What channel(s) of communication optimally enables you to deliver value? What processes and tools do you need to support you?
Fill skill gaps and measure results
Based on 1-3, decide on what skills, organization, and measurements that you need. Structure a plan to fill gaps. Measure conversions in the processes. Improve.
Gregory Swanson