Customering is a new term that describes your holistic customer experience interactions throughout the customer life cycle. Not only does customering reduce the silos between sales, marketing, and customer service, it enables you to develop a common understanding of your customer. It is a difference maker that gives you a competitive advantage.

Taking a new and holistic view of customer experience throughout the customer relationship

In his book The Experience Economy, B. JOSEPH PINE II outlines how companies should use a customer experience mindset to create a new economy by creating value through customer engagement. Since his book, a new area of Customer Experience Management has formed to create a distinct value by providing a memorable and valuable interaction with customers.

Pine has more recently began using the term "Customering" to represent how companies can differentiate by using multiple channels to tailoring customer engagement. Customering also enables a company to attain enough interaction data to customize products on a mass scale, while offering an individualized customer experience. The term "Customering" comes from the effort not to interpret customer engagement based on sales, marketing, product development, supply chain, or service, but as a more holistic term.

Through our Customer Journey workshops and our years of experience in sales, marketing, and customer service, we noticed that companies often have difficulty implementing a coherent customer interaction and experience strategy throughout the customer life cycle. Supported by other research from companies like Gartner and others, we also saw that the higher coherence in the customer experience across channels significantly increases win-rates and customer retention.

In B-to-B, Customering takes a multiple level dimension. Customers may have completely different roles and motivations in the interaction, so optimizing experience for a commercial customer can be more complex than a B2C customer.

We put customering at the forefront of everything we do

It is not unusual that silos develop between sales and marketing. In larger organizations, silos are more the rule than the exception.

That is why we developed our approach to use Customering as a basis of everything that we do. Not only does this approach enable us to help you develop better processes, it helps on getting commitment, a common language, more collaboration, and better efficiency.

Establishing a picture of your customer; their needs, issues, desires, frustrations, and successes helps align your team. Our goal is that your team is more externally focused before they look inward.

We would love the opportunity to help you with a Customering evolution.

Create Customer Lifetime (CL) digital sales/marketing engagement
Develop a external focused and coherent customer engagement plan
Development of a seamless human|digital customer interaction plan
Create a unified viewpoint of what is important - Enable collaboration and reduce silos
Development of strategies and tactics to gain and retain new customers

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