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The promise of digital marketing is enormous. However, success depends on the skills and structure of your team, the ability to work through silos, and the focus that you have on your customer.

How can you optimize and develop your team's digital marketing capabilities?

In recent years, few professions have changed more than the marketing profession.

The rapid change has made it difficult for management to understand digital marketing. For many, digital marketing is a black box.

A digital marketer knows that marketing is more than being creative, being good with graphics, or e-commerce. It is solid work, measurable, not magic. There are technical, analytical, process, and sales elements that are vital to be successful at marketing. But the broad digital dimensions of marketing just make it harder to implement, manage, learn, or even understand. How do you explain to a non-digital marketer exactly what is needed? What can you expect if you do the right things? There is a lot of hype in the digital marketing world. How do you sort through it?

You might have found that your customers engage more with you online than they do with your sales teams. It brings up new questions about the role of sales and marketing.

Regardless of your specific situation, you realize that the dramatic changes in marketing may have created misalignment in your organization, gaps in your team skills, and blurred lines in responsibilities.

We approach digital marketing by looking at the customer first

It is important to understand that B-to-B customers are driving the changes that impact marketing. Customers are empowered to interact with you as they chose; and there are multiple channels in which the customer can interact. When the customer has a problem, they will normally Google it.  How does your customer find you? Other than your website, where do they find information about you? What information do they need at what stage? And, by the way, who is the customer? Is the persona more technically or commercially focused?

Before you can know your digital marketing gaps, you need to understand how your customer is behaving. You need a holistic snapshot of your customer's journey throughout the duration of your relationship. The customer's journey is the basis that you can use to structure improvements in your digital marketing capability.

Having insight on your customer will enable you to improve the overall management and development of your team and the alignment with other parts of your company.

Our focus is to help you develop a framework to develop skills, increase collaboration, and improve the management of your digital marketing team.

We have successfully engaged with digital marketing clients with the following topics:

We approach digital marketing by looking at the customer first

Create Customer Lifetime (CL) digital sales/marketing engagement
Create a unified viewpoint of what is important - Enable collaboration and reduce silos
Digital marketing alignment with sales organization
Skill assessments and curriculum development
Go-to-market planning

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