What is vital in a modern sales effort?

The best companies are finding out that they need re-think what sales is and does.

Old Selling


How much contact do you have with customers? How many visits? What is the last visit date?

Sales Process and Cycles

What is qualified? What is a lead? What is your sales stage? When is the closing date?

Tactics and Strategies

What is the account value proposition? Who is the main competitor and their SWOTs? How do you open the door and expand your business?

New Selling (Old Selling +)

Orchestration of (digital) assets

Who needs to talk to who and when? What information is needed, by whom and when?

Messaging and timing

What messaging can you anticipate, when should it happen. Where should it happen? Who is the targeted persona?

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Technologies and channels

How do you use technology to automate things that we know will happen? What media should we use for what topic? How do you use analytics to constantly improve what we do?

The New Selling

Sales has changed because customers have changed. The New Selling involves both digital and human channels.

Many will quote studies that will say that B2B customers engage more digitally than with human interfaces. But that doesn't even begin to describe how customer interactions are changing.

Customers buying a lot of a product/service or needing to deal with a lot of complexity still need human interfaces (sales people). But the human interface needs to be augmented with digital interfaces of all types.

"What the customer needed could not be found on the website because we were just focused on lead generation"

It is not a process that has marketing generate leads and throwing them at sales. The new demands of the customer involve every human interaction backed with digital information or tools.

The dividing-line between digital marketing and sales is blurred.

So what is the role of sales?
The new selling will be everything that the old selling was (interactions, processes, cycles, tactics, forecasting, activities, and strategy), combined with new talents of orchestration of digital assets, messages, technologies, and communication channels. This is an entirely new set of skills for both management and the rep. The issue is that many companies are thinking that this is the future. Actually, it is now - especially in the post-pandemic world.